Dining in Bad Tölz

Top restaurant close to the mountains in Bavaria


Have you ever been to Bad Tölz? No? Then it’s time to go there. Bad Tölz is a town in Bavaria and is located on the Isar River. I love it! But that’s not all: in total there are about 214 mountain hikes to discover within the region of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. The highlights are the view from Rabenkopf towards Kochelsee, the Benediktenwand from Jachenau and the well-known peak in the Karwendel, the Schafreiter.

I often go to Bad Tölz – but not for hiking. I’d prefer to enjoy the city-life. Walking along the river, having a drink somewhere in a little, cosy café or having dinner in one of the Bavarian Restaurants with their typical Bavarian food and drinks (beer!!!). Doesn’t that sound great? If you say „Well, that’s what I like, too“, then I’ve got some great recommendations for you: the Tölzer Binderbräu and the Waldherralm.

The Tölzer Binderbräu is a Bavarian tavern with home-brewed beer and a fresh alpine cuisine. The restaurant has always brewed its own beer. Isn’t that fantastic? That’s why the menu offers many dishes refinded with beer. And you also can (and should!) order a tasting set of three different beers. I also have to mention the wonderful food: I had a Bavarian snack with cheese, sausages, meat loaf and fresh bread. And it was great!!!

Restaurant Tölzer Binderbräu / Brotzeit

Inside there are huge brewing kettles which are integrated into the guest area. Special features of the Tölzer Binderbräu are the hand-forged „beer mug safes“ in which the regular guest can lock up his pitcher. And you won’t believe it: there are many pitches already locked up. Maybe I will buy one of those mugs as well and lock it up… who knows…

Tölzer Binderbräu
Ludwigstraße 12
83646 Bad Tölz
Tel: 08041 2609

But this was not the only location I visited. I also went to the Waldherralm, which is located at the foot of the mountain Heigelkopf. It is an alpine hut with a restaurant inside and a typical Bavarian beergarden outside of which you have a great view to the mountains and to cows grazing on the meadows beneath the hut. When the sun goes down the view seems almost kitschy – but I am a woman, that’s why I love kitschy views. What about you?

View from the Waldherralm in Wackersberg
View from the Waldherralm in Wackersberg

Well, inside the Waldherralm everything is … – guess! Yes: – made of wood. From there it is an ideal starting point to hike to the Blomberg and Zwiesel. And it is located only some minutes away from the skiing area of Lenggries.

I enjoy this place very, very much – that’s why I highly recommend this extraordinary place.

Waldherralm Wackersberg
Lehen 14
83646 Wackersberg
Tel: 08041 9520


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